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    Fort A.P. Hill, VA - Educational Services

    Educational services are managed by the Directorate of Human Resources which offer training in the areas of Sexual Harassment, Ethics, Consideration of others and Security Awareness. Free training is offered through the new Army CBT training program, and each employee is afforded 80 hours of training for the fiscal year. For more information about specific programs, contact the Directorate of Human Resources at 804-633-8474.

    Human Resources

    Manage the newly developed e-Learning Training Classroom. This affords employees the opportunity to take computer based training in a quiet classroom environment.

    Local Schools

    Caroline County Public Schools
    16221 Richmond Tpke
    (804) 633-5088
    Bowling Green, VA

    Bowling Green Primary School
    17176 Richmond Turnpike
    Milford, VA 22514
    (804) 633-6401

    Bowling Green Elementary School
    16261 Richmond Turnpike
    Milford, VA 22427
    (804) 633-6101

    Caroline Middle School
    13325 Devils Three Jump Rd
    Milford, VA 22514
    (804) 633-6561

    Caroline High School
    19155 Rogers Clark Blvd
    Milford, VA 22514
    (804) 633-9886

    Ladysmith Primary School
    9075 Chance Place
    Ruther Glen, VA 22546
    (804) 448-2171

    Ladysmith Elementary School
    7278 Ladysmith Road
    Ruther Glen, VA 22546
    (804) 448-3211