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    Fort A.P. Hill, VA Local Information

    Fort A.P. Hill is located near Bowling Green, Virginia, in Caroline County. The population of Bowling Green is about 1,110. There are many very small communities and unincorporated areas around Bowling Green such as Port Royal (population 125) and Milford. Some of the more populated areas include King George (population 4,460), Ashland (7,225), and Fredericksburg (24,285) which is the closest city.

    Local Rental Housing Prices: The average price to rent a home in the Bowling Green area is about $525 per month. The average in Fredericksburg is about $860.

    Local Purchase Housing Prices: The average cost to purchase a home in Caroline County is about $218,800, compared to $249,100 for Virginia.

    Short Description of the Area: Fort A.P. Hill and Bowling Green are in a sparsely populated area of central coastal Virginia. Though there are bigger cities nearby, the area in between is made up of small, unofficial towns, some with only a few hundred people living there. Fredericksburg is 26 miles northwest of the fort, while the large city of Richmond is 49 miles south. Washington DC is 85 miles north, about an hour and a half drive. Fort A.P. Hill is just a half hour from the Potomac River, which flows out to Chesapeake Bay in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Climate and Weather: The climate near Fort A.P. Hill contains 4 distinct seasons, with humid summers and cool winters. The average temperature in July is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, while January is about 34 degrees. The annual precipitation is usually around 41 inches and winters can see about 16 inches of snow. Tornadoes occur more frequently here than Virginia as a whole, but are about on par with the national average. Best to be prepared for tornadoes and strong storms.